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Sun's Eye Solar Power
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Brad Burkhartzmeyer
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Solar Classes and Presentations.


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Our Friends – Linking Our Community Together

The Solar Energy International (www.solarenergy.org) Brad is an instructor of solar classes at SEI. Classes are in Colorado as well as in other US states and in Central and South America through their Spanish program.  Brad has worked with SEI on installation workshops in Nicaragua in coordination with Grupo Fenix.  He has also taught in the Caribbean Island nation of Antigua, as well as teaching a class to make a portable PV power trailer at the Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  In November 2013, Brad taught a class  in Costa Rica in Spanish for students from all over Latin America.  It was a great success.   He has gone to Equatorial Guinea in Africa twice, to the island of Annobon,  and also to Chile.  Brad has been working closely with the SEI Spanish program.  SEI is training solar installers in Chile in 2015 and 2016.  In December 2016, he taught a solar class in West Virginia to coal miners through SEI: two West Virginia groups sponsored this class: Solar Holler and Coalfield Development.  Read more in the blog!

The Solar Electric Light Fund (www.self.org) We have worked with this nonprofit organization in Africa (Benin, Rwanda, Lesotho) and New Orleans. Brad is currently working through SELF with some other solar experts to create a one year program to train solar installers in Haiti.  Check out their projects.

ASES, the American Solar Energy Society, (www.ases.org ) is a national organization that promotes solar policy and education. They have a local chapter called Solar Washington (Solar Washington),  and they sponsor the Find Solar (Find Solar) program that links people with installers in their area. We are members of all three of these groups and see combined efforts across the nation bring better energy policy to the U.S.



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