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   Solar Power Around the Globe

Since we are all on this planet together, Sun’s Eye Solar installs solar systems around the world in an effort to help alleviate the need to build more coal fired power plants and provide electricity to those who need it the most. See our latest project below.

Small Solar System – India

The UN says that access to energy and clean water is a minimum requirement to move out of poverty. As many a two billion people lack these basic needs. Solar power provides one of the solutions to this problem. Most energy in the poor areas of developing countries comes from wood and kerosene. Providing electricity using the sun can prevent deforestation and promote energy independence from costly petroleum imports or dirty coal.

Wiring a health clinic – Rwanda

Sun’s Eye Solar has teamed up with non profit organizations like Rotary International, the Northwest Solar Group, and the Solar Electric Light Fund to provide solar power solutions to meet real needs. We work together to install durable long lasting solutions.

Sun’s Eye Solar develops training programs for local technicians and communities so that they may maintain their systems and can start small solar businesses installing clean energy.

Solar on the roof

Solar on a girl’s college – Rath, India

If you have thought that you too can make a difference, then contact us to find out how you can join in this effort to bring clean power to places that are most in need. If you know a community with serious energy needs, contact us about working together to provide a solar solution.


Here are two You Tube videos of Brad discussing renewable energy in the underdeveloped parts of the world.

Brad Speaks About RE in the Developing World

and Brad Elaborates on RE in the Developing World.


PREVIOUS PROJECTS – Below and on the Sun’s Eye Solar Blog

AND NOW this just in.   BREAKING NEWS: March 2016.  Brad Burkhartzmeyer and Chris Brooks taught two classes to future solar installers in Chile in March. Brad had a student return to his class from a class that he had taught at a Copiapo, Chile, technical school in 2015.  The student got a job installing solar immediately, and wanted to upgrade her skills in the March class.  Very exciting to be able to hear a positive and productive outcome from previous classes.


Brad Burkhartzmeyer has been working through SELF (Solar Electric Light Fund) with some other solar experts to create a two year course for solar installers at a community college in Haiti. He will be traveling there several times in the next few years.  Brad made a second trip to Haiti for this project in June 2015.  Brad, along with Carol Weis, taught two classes: one for the teachers at the community college at Cetemoth, and one to students 18 – 21 years old, to gauge the curriculum level.  Although Haiti itself was very hot (over 100 degrees every day and rainy at night) and the school had no air conditioning, the classes went well.

UPDATE: They are working on completing the curriculum and although there is a funding issue, hope to be training all the teachers in 2016.


Project Equatorial Guinea, Africa-2014   Island of Annobon.  This remote island will install solar as a source of electricity.  Brad and Chris Brooks did two trainings in Spanish through SEI (Solar Energy International) to students there.

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