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Sun's Eye Solar Power
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Brad Burkhartzmeyer
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Full Service Solar Installations

Tacoma Installation by the Narrows BridgeIn Tacoma, Seattle and the Puget Sound, we can produce a tremendous amount of energy using solar power. Photovoltaic solar modules can turn this energy into electricity to use in your home or business. Solar power produces electricity without producing green house gases. Solar power allows you to make your own electricity and therefore become more energy self-sufficient. It also cuts our dependence on imported energy and fossil fuel produced energy.

Most people install solar power for personal and environmental reasons.  As a bonus, the money you spend on solar will be returned to you over the lifetime of the solar panels (25 years minimum). Many people view purchasing a solar power system as a way to buy clean power in advance and to lock in the cost. There are no price hikes later and no need to buy fuel to keep it going. A solar system is the only “appliance” you can purchase that will actually pay itself back. Other appliances consume power, not produce it.

As a licensed electrical contractor Sun’s Eye Solar Power Company installs complete solar electric systems on homes and businesses. Our experience in designing code compliant photovoltaic systems for grid tied or stand alone applications means that you will get a hassle free, safe, reliable solar power plant.

Our range of services include: free solar site assessments, design of photovoltaic systems with estimate, professional installations, and we also help our customers obtain the federal and state incentives which are offered for solar.  For more details, see Our Services.



 Kinds of Installations

There are three basic ways to install solar.  Click on each of the pictures below to see examples of the type of installation.


Roof Mount              Ground Mount             Pole Mount

Envirohouse, Tacoma, WA

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