There are three basic ways to install solar.  Click link below to see examples of the different types of installation.



In Tacoma, Seattle and the Puget Sound, we can produce a tremendous amount of energy using solar power. Photovoltaic solar modules can turn this energy into electricity to use in your home or business. 



It's possible you have questions about how solar power works, what it means to you and your community and how our process works! 


Clean energy powered by you


Sun’s Eye Solar has been installing solar panels on residential and commercial rooftops in the Tacoma and Pierce County area since 2003. We enjoy helping people enjoy their worry free energy systems. Sun’s Eye Solar Power has installed solar systems in seven states and seven countries.

Our mission is to provide our customers with their own clean, reliable solar electricity in a manner that meets their needs and budgets. We are familiar with the incentive and tax credit programs available and help our customers take full advantage of these programs.



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